Coming Together

It’s been a wild few days around here. We’ve had 3 tornados and a massive amount of rain causing pretty major flooding. And it all happened around 9/11. The time that we all look back at a horrible moment in our nations history. A time that brought our country as together as it’s been in […]

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Why A Strong Support System Matters

One of the things I do about every other day is go through the Google search I have saved of “Cancer News.” I’ll find and read articles about people like Justice Ginsberg and her cancer, stories about people going through treatment or passing away, studies done about different meds, and all kinds of other things. […]

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It’s All About Perspective

I am currently sitting in the waiting room for my oncologist at the U of MN. My oncologist back home left the decision up to him. He’s going to to talk about whether or not we need to cut a chunk of my lung out, and I’m not all that worried. After being told half […]

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Who cares!?

Who cares what people think?! Easy to say. Far more difficult to actually live. We all say it though. We’ve told our kids, or spouses, ourselves. Probably numerous times even. Yet how many of us actually BELIEVE it? I can tell you now that I don’t always believe it myself. There have been things I’ve […]

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