Finding Your Purpose

I’ve always wanted to do something with my life that made a difference. I wanted a purpose to what I was doing. There were many hours spent awake at night thinking about what I could do. What career could I have that would make a difference. Then few years ago I went to a conference […]

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Just Believe

Let’s face it… Disney movies are full of all kinds of things that aren’t just for kids. There are innuendos and jokes that only adults get. I’m honestly terrified sometimes that my daughter will pick up one of those lines and start using it! However, there are plenty of great and encouraging lines in those […]

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You can’t please everyone…

Guess what… no matter what you do you’ll piss someone off today. This goes along with my last post a little bit and a lot bit about the last post of someone I’ve come to consider a friend. I may even catch some pretty good flak myself for this and that’s alright!!! (I’ve asked her […]

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