The Power of Music

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, music is a big thing. I don’t mean playing it. I mean listening to it and listening to the message the artist is trying to say. I had a playlist of songs that I would listen to every morning when I woke up in the hospital […]

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Leave It

Last night we worked on “leave it” with Bentley. Regardless of how you feel or what’s going on, it’s critical to find time to work with your dogs. I’ve been a little lax on that recently too and it showed. It took a couple of attempts to get this shot and being a lab, he’s […]

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My 1 Year "Ampuversary"

This is the last picture of my left leg. I took this one year ago as I was waiting for surgery. (The blacked out part is my drain since my tumor was causing tons of bleeding.) It sounds weird but I wanted a picture of my leg before it was removed. I had an epidural […]

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Finding Your Purpose

I’ve always wanted to do something with my life that made a difference. I wanted a purpose to what I was doing. There were many hours spent awake at night thinking about what I could do. What career could I have that would make a difference. Then few years ago I went to a conference […]

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Just Believe

Let’s face it… Disney movies are full of all kinds of things that aren’t just for kids. There are innuendos and jokes that only adults get. I’m honestly terrified sometimes that my daughter will pick up one of those lines and start using it! However, there are plenty of great and encouraging lines in those […]

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