Doing What is Necessary

My first day on leave from work was May 25, 2018. (two days after my birthday so happy birthday to me!!) Today is July 15, 2019 and I am FINALLY going back to work! That is 415 days from when my leave started to today. I don’t know the exact numbers but over half of […]

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My Hope for My Blog

I could go with the easy answer here and say that I just want to help one person. If just one person is helped in any way by some of my ramblings, then it is all worth it. And yes… that is true. If just one person is helped, it is worth it. That does […]

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A Confession…

My confession: I have very little confidence. This is something I alluded to in an earlier post as well and goes along with me giving up easily. If I do not excel at something right away, I tend to give up assuming I am not good. Some of this comes from comparing myself to people […]

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